Friday, May 31, 2013

messy hair, don't care {idiot proof styling}

There are pretty much two ways to wear my hair; stick straight or bed head.

I was not born with the talent of being hair savvy, so you can see why these two products are golden to me!  They make me look like I know what I am doing when I have no clue.

First up, is the Hair Donut.  It's amazing.  It makes the prettiest bun.  It's so simple you will be ahhmazed you didn't know about this sooner.  And to think....  you thought, donuts only went in your mouth.  You can also makes these out of socks.  I however, choose to buy mine.  I don't like heavy things on my head or dirty socks :)  They come in brown, black and blonde as well as an assortment of sizes.

{Idiot proof bun}  If I can do it, you can too...
{Idiot proof bun} If I can do it, you can too. DIY and go buy a hair donut. #fishsmith3 via fishsmith3

Here is the low down on how. {clueless about the music??}

For those who have an inner Martha.... here is how to make one out of a sock.  {check out her sweet bunny!}

Next, I want to introduce the Spin Pin by Goody.  These are also a really cool way of making a messy bun with no hair tie required.  I am slightly obsessed with these.  I suggest ordering them by clicking the link since they are almost ALWAYS sold out in Target. One spin pin is said to equal like 20 bobby pins!!

Whoever invented the Spin Pin is a freaking ge...
Whoever invented the Spin Pin is a freaking genius. #targetdoesitagain via fishsmith3
Here is the skinny on the Spin Pin.

You just learned all I know about hair!  Until next time.... enjoy!
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