Tuesday, April 30, 2013

job + office {in my dreams}

Okay, if I was to have the job of my dreams I would hands down have to have the home office of Alaina with The Everygirl.  I am completely obsessed with it.

Love the nail heads on this inspiration board. Must have.

A gold pencil holder with turquoise lead pencils..... yes, please!!!

What woman wouldn't fall in love with this palette?

Cutest storage on the block!

Turquoise bird cage with glitter heels.... sure, why not!

For the whole story visit Style Me Pretty's Living website for the full interview and more pictures!  Link here.

Friday, April 12, 2013

I DECLARE {{day S I X}}

{{DAY S I X}} #dailyinspiration #dailydose #jo...
{{DAY S I X}} #dailyinspiration #dailydose #joelosteen #fishsmith3 @josephjsmith3 via fishsmith3
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Thursday, April 11, 2013

I DECLARE {{day F I V E}}

{{DAY F I V E}} #fishsmith3 #dailyinspiration ...
{{DAY F I V E}} #fishsmith3 #dailyinspiration #dailydose #joelosteen via fishsmith3
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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I DECLARE {{day F O U R}}

{{DAY F O U R}} #dailydose #dailyinspiration #...
{{DAY F O U R}} #dailydose #dailyinspiration #joelosteen #jesuslovesyou via fishsmith3
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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Monday, April 8, 2013

CLEAN Cleanse {detox}

A new year and 3 months later....

I love to detox!  From colon cleansing, liver cleansing to full body cleansing.  They rejuvenate me and get my diet back on track.  My latest cleanse has by far been my favorite.  I lost 8 pounds during the cleanse in a month and have kept 5 pounds off afterwards.  I feel incredible and light.

The CLEAN Cleanse was developed by Dr. Alenjandro Junger who believes that our bodies will heal themselves when we provide the right nutrition all while removing common food allergens.  You can do this in two ways:  buy the cleanse directly from CLEAN Cleanse Program or you can buy Dr. Junger's book CLEAN where you can learn all the supplements needed for the cleanse.  I bought it direct which made it easier since all the shake mixes and supplements are pre-packaged.

Of course, there is an "approved" food list that you can choose from and recommended supplements.  Check it out here --> approved food list.

The actual cleanse contains three steps:

  • Pre-Cleanse
  • Cleanse
  • Reintroduction

During the "Pre-Cleanse" you eat three full meals a day off the approved list.
I suggest starting the pre-cleanse earlier.  I started about two weeks before my cleanse start date.  For two reasons, first I needed to cutoff my caffeine addition and second, my love for cheese and sugar. I had a headache for three days after walking out of my love affair with Java Joe.  A couple years ago, I had food allergy testing and the results was devastating to me.  I was allergic to dairy (which I knew), gluten and coconut ~ ALL of which I craaaave!!!  So in a nut shell, starting my pre-cleanse earlier made the actual cleanse much easier to finish since it gave me time to cut out my cravings.

The actual "Cleanse" lasts 21 days of which you drink a shake for breakfast/dinner and a meal for lunch.  You take supplements 3 times a day after each meal and get a "twelve-hour window" for digestion.
The first five days were the toughest, after that the routine set in.  I started making my shakes before my cleanse start date so I could get the "taste" just right.  I used the vanilla shakes and if I wanted chocolate I just added cocoa powder.  I also hired a food service delivery for fresh vegetables and fruit every week to our house {Backyard Produce}.  This was a lifesaver.  It saved me the trip to the grocery store as well as opened my eyes to great new veggies I would have never bought on my own.

The "Reintroduction" process is where you slowly start eating in small portions any food that isn't on the approved list.
This is the part of the cleanse where hopefully the old habits stay "old".  The reintroduction stage wasn't rocket science for me since I already know what I have sensitivities to.  However, for most, just stick with the approved list and reintroduce one new food item at a time.  If it makes you sick, hurts your tummy or makes you feel bad, DON'T eat it.  Simple as that!!

Most important part of the entire cleanse.....Don't forget to poop!  You must have at least one BM a day.
Why is this so funny to me? #dowtownILM #ILM #...
Why is this so funny to me? #dowtownILM #ILM #poopisfunny via fishsmith3

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