Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 {reflection + resolutions}

Happy New Year!  I know it's been a while and I apologize.  I have no excuse other than the holidays make life crazy.  I'm sure you can relate....

Christmas Break
Kids are out of school and still waking up at 6 am.  Last minute holiday shopping.  Planning meals.  Wrap this.  Deliver that.  Kids fighting.  Drinking begins.  Move the elf.

Pre-Christmas + Christmas Festivities
12-30 family members packed in a room all with different opinions.  Kids running wild like baboons - all jacked up on sweets.  Continue drinking.  Move the elf.  Slowly losing sanity.

Post Christmas
7 am - kids start to sleep in, shocker!  Not only have I gained 5 pounds the trees have also.  Reality sets in.  The tree is not going to fit back in the box.  House looks like the North Pole and Toys 'r Us vomited.  Continue drinking and give up.

First Day of School
6 am, rude awakening.  Can't decide if I am hungover or just drunk from lack of sleep.  Dress both kids while they are sleeping, wrestle them in the car.  Pray for their teacher.  Attend an AA meeting.

Obviously, I am embellishing but you have to admit that's how it feels.  We had a pretty ahhmazing Christmas this year.  Possibly one of my favorites.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures.

2013!!  A new year, a new you!  
Every year it's same old thing, I make a new years resolution and typically.... I fail.  Surprise!!!  However, it beats the alternative of not being here to make one.

Seriously though, if we all achieved our new year's resolution {NPR} every year for our whole lives.  Think about it!  Then the world would be full of healthy (#1 new year's resolution), perfect people and NYR's wouldn't exist.  I think I'll just take this year off.  :)

Not to set myself up for disappointment, I am not calling this a new year's resolution.  But rather my "Resolution in the Works" since I will continue to work on them till the day I am truly made perfect (aka dead).  I will strive in 2013 to....

~ appreciate, "right now"
~ worry less, love more
~ become a "detailed" prayer
~ do yoga
~ close a wound & open my heart
~ read my bible
~ be a better person
~ blog more

Found this at a cute little blog called The Atelier Blog.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Happy 2013!  What are you 2013 wishes?  
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