Monday, December 10, 2012

Elf on the SHELF {traditions}

According to my mother, "Christmas is for the kids!"  Oh, how my household LOVES Christmas.  Christmas starts at our house when Tad and Lucy, our Elf's on the Shelf arrive!


The story of Tad and Lucy is quite funny.

Tad is short to Taddle Tail, since he runs to Santa telling on all the boys and girls.  For several years Tad was our only elf spreading joy through our house.  He was such a good elf, never causing trouble.

Until last year when Santa sent Lucy.  Every since Lucy came along she has been causing havoc all through our house.  My children suggested that Lucy and Tad now need their own elf to keep them out of trouble.  Ha Ha!!  What a thought!

Here are some of the many adventures of Tad and Lucy.

Tad plays Superman when Lucy needs help.

They LOVE wrapping paper but sometimes get into a lot of trouble with they find the scissors.

They get homesick so making their own snowmen makes them feel better..

If your elves are looking for some inspiration.
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Reading Luke.  #godbless via fishsmith3

Drunk off eggnog making #snowangels #tadandluc...
Drunk off eggnog making #snowangels #tadandlucy #elfontheshelf via fishsmith3

Save Lucy!! The adventures is #tadandlucy #elf...
Save Lucy!! The adventures is #tadandlucy #elfontheshelf via fishsmith3

Adventures of #tadandlucy #elfontheshelf via f...
Adventures of #tadandlucy #elfontheshelf via fishsmith3

#tadandlucy #elfontheshelf via fishsmith3
#tadandlucy #elfontheshelf via fishsmith3

#tadandlucy Go Camping!! #elfontheshelf #rving...
#tadandlucy Go Camping!! #elfontheshelf #rving via fishsmith3

Honey I'm home!! #tadandlucy #elfontheshelf vi...
Honey I'm home!! #tadandlucy #elfontheshelf via fishsmith3

Rockstar and ballerina. They are really sad th...
Rockstar and ballerina. They are really sad they missed Rockin Ever After Disney On Ice. #tadandlucy #elfontheshelf via fishsmith3

Fishing for a Mermaid with Goldfish as bait. #...
Fishing for a Mermaid with Goldfish as bait. #tadandlucy #gonefishing #elfontheshelf via fishsmith3

Sometimes our elves leave an "Official Elf Report" to award or to warn for their kids behavior.  Uh, oh!!!  

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This year you can "Finalize your elf adoption" by registering your elf with Santa at his "Adoption Center".  Parents can log into and click "My Elf" and print your very own Adoption Certificate.  Don't miss out on all the fun games at the North Pole while you're visiting their site.  Great for kids!!

Whatever your Christmas tradition, make it count!!  
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