Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giving & Thanks {family)


We pass them down from generation to generation and they become a part of us.

For me, family traditions make me smile.  They have had such a positive impact on my life.  Now as a mother, I can already see the same affect on my children.  Traditions create a space in your life that generates security and belonging.  Something you can count on year after year.

The Family

The day before Thanksgiving, we drive to my Aunt's where we spend the day cooking, playing games and making memories.  My Aunt's house is on a hog farm which is hilarious to me because I think pigs are gross.

The day before is usually the most entertaining.  My grandparents, aunts and a few cousins come and we all stay the night together.  Every year there is a different entertaining event.  This years events included tag football and homemade wassail 'n' whiskey.

The Feast

For as long as I can remember, we have been having a huge family Thanksgiving Feast - turkey and ham, dressing, deviled eggs, sweet potato casserole, etc.  (You get it - typical southern meal.)

I am not a huge fan of meat.  I do occasionally eat turkey on Thanksgiving.  However, pork I am extremely picky about, it has to be camouflaged in something for me to eat it.  So lucky for me there is always lots of veggies!!

This year my cousin and I were asked to "check the oven".  So of course we both ran over to remove the roaster pot expecting this!

To our surprise this is what we found!!

Yes, we screamed!!!  
I dropped the top of the roaster pot to run.  
Quickly realizing that we had been the victims of this years entertainment.
Thanks, Aunt Elizabeth!!  

Apples don't fall far from the tree.  
Therefore, I would like for you to meet my Aunt Elizabeth.  
Now you see why I didn't have a chance at not being crazy with a family like mine.

The Outfit

What would a Holiday event be without a cute outfit.  Last year, we took family photos so I wore a skirt.  

This year I wanted to be comfortable so I opted for skinnies and a flannel shirt.

Happy Thanks & Giving!

Be sure to give your thanks and "gobble till ya wobble".

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  1. I love that Southern girls wear pearls with flannels! You look fab, as usual! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Alena.