Monday, August 13, 2012

VB + Glamour {inspiration}

September 2012 Issue, Glamour

If you haven't bought it!  Run to your newsstand!  It's my favorite Glamour issue, yet.

Why, you ask?

Victoria Beckham, guest editor, of course!!  It is filled with her personality and style from front to back.  My favorite part its the extra covers at the beginning of the magazine and her personal confession inside as to why she never smiles for the camera.  As you can tell she is my girl crush not to mention her husband is on the list.

Out of all the fashion gurus, VB is my favorite.  I absolutely lust over her wardrobe (especially her signature double leather belt).  All I can say is, she must have one hell of a PR person to make it from a Spice Girl to one of the most covenanted style starters and fashion designers in less than 15 years.  That is an accomplishment!

My Top 5, why you should rush out and grab it!

1.  VB's bonus covers are fabulous
2.  Enter the Fall Fashion Giveaways!
3.  100's of Do's & Don'ts of fashion
4.  New blog ideas & fresh reads
5.  A British spin on Glamour
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