Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How to make a Lemonade Stand {DIY}

Pinterest Project #2 {We'll kinda...}

Kids have been selling lemonade on the side of the road for over 130 years.  {Seriously... Check it out here!}  
We didn't steal our DIY project from anywhere although, we did look to Pinterest for some inspiration.  Here's what we found.

We started with 2 pallets and 2 seafood boxes.  
The seafood boxes we didn't put together, we left them flat to use as the outside of the stand.

Tools Needed
{no man required}
Hammer {I used 2 however, I crowbar would have been helpful}
Screw-In Hooks
Extra Nails
Paint & Brushes

First things, first.  As you can see above pictured.  I stacked the seafood boxes and bent their side to form the "stand".  I did this so I could measure the height and width of the stand.  I also had excess on one side of each the seafood boxes which I cut off {using the wire cutters and I put them to the side as we will later use them as signs.}  While I started sawing pallets, I went ahead and let the kids paint the sign and seafood cartons.

I pryed off the inside slats of wood on the top portion of the pallets to use as the table part of the stand.  I left the far right slat, far left and the center slat.  {For example, most pallets have 7 top slats. Therefore, I removed slats 2 + 3 and 5 + 6}  As these are a part of the legs as you can see.  After I measured the height of the stand {from stacking the seafood boxes} I measure this the same height off on the pallets and cut 4 legs.  I literally sawed the pallet into parts to get 4 legs.  So when you look at your pallets make sure you don't remove the top slats that have connecting parts in the middle as well as connecting slats on the opposite side for these will be your legs.

After, I got all four legs done.  I used small tack nails to connect the seafood boxes to the outside of the legs.  Then I used the solid top portion of the legs to hammer in the top slats to make the table portion of the stand.  I attached the front two slats.

So this is what we have so far.....

Then I attached a vertical piece of wood to the back two legs which I will later attach the lemonade sign.  Then attached the last two remaining top slats to finish the table top.  With some of the leftover wood I attached it to the inside for some stability.

With the leftover seafood top and bottom as well as the portion we cut off, with a little paint we made these into signs.  We have an open, closed and treats signs.  Hang your signs with your hook wherever you want them.  With the top and the bottom of the seafood boxes I used some leftover wood, cut an angle on one end of the wood then nailed it to the back and it made a perfect directional sign.

Mom made, Kid approved!

I had no idea how this was going to turn out since we went into it with no plan.  However, I do think it is so cute!!  All it needs now is some fresh flowers in a vase, some lemonade, sweet treats and 2 well rested kids to man the booth!!  We are all exhausted and well save those steps for another day.

All in a days work......

Even though the weather looked like rain.  We took a chance brought an umbrella off the porch and went to work.  Zoe cut flowers to "fancy" up our booth.  Jax tasted the product to make sure it was up to par.  And a day that started as a "wash" of a days work, turned out to be a beautiful afternoon.

We had our very first customer our sweet neighbor, Mrs. Sue!  After about 1.5 gallons of lemonade, Jax was exhausted.  It is apparent that he needs to be the "supervisor".

Thanks to everyone that stopped by to support my kiddos in the endeavor!!  Especially, Aunt Ashley who slaved for 2 days with us :).

They will be setup again this Saturday!  So stay tuned in.  I will have their "operating hours" on Facebook.  So be sure to follow me!

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  1. This has to be the "bestest" lemonade stand I have ever seen and the owners of the stand have got to be cutest lemonade stand owners ever!!!

  2. Thank you!! They had so much fun making it. Are first real setup with cookies and all is going to be this Saturday on the Old Point Golf Course!