Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hollywood {inspiration}

Did you know that the original Hollywood sign in L.A. read "Hollywoodland"?  
Did you know that as it was falling to pieces nine thoughtful souls donated money to restore each letter?  

What an inspiring story....  The landmark was originally created in 1923 to encourage land sales for a development in Los Angeles known as Hollywoodland.  The 45 foot tall, 350 feet long letters overlook the "cinema district" of California.  After 55 years of deterioration the much loved sign was falling apart due to age, vadalism and other unfortunate events.  One letter at a time, 9 people donated and raised money to save the sign.

Following the 1978 public campaign to restore the sign, the following nine donors gave $27,777 each (which totaled $250,000):

  • H – Terrence Donnelly – publisher of the Hollywood Independent Newspaper
  • O – Giovanni Mazza – Italian movie producer
  • L – Gene Autry – singer, actor and businessman
  • D – Thomas Pooley — donated in the name of Mathew Williams

When the renovations took place it was decided to remove the "LAND" and leave the Hollywood since the sign and it's location was a landmark for todays pop culture.  After a lot of money was swapped (of which Hugh Hefner donated a million bucks) the surrounding land was bought and is owned today by a Public Land Trust. 

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