Thursday, August 16, 2012

Blowing Rock, NC {roadtrip}

I have been "missing in action" due to a family trip to Blowing Rock with close friends.  It was refreshing, YES!!  However, I am not a fan of limited cell service and no internet.  No 'mam, not this girl.  So needless to say I am thankful for the "R + R" but glad to be back to my technological world at home.

Moments worth sharing.....

1.  Grandfather Mountain {a.k.a. "Father Bear Mountain" to a certain 3 year old}

Never say, never.  Every time I have said it, I ALWAYS insert my foot into my mouth.  I am petrified of heights.  I mean scared to death.  As I stated, from the beginning of the trip, "I will NOT cross the swinging bridge".  After exploring the mountain and all its facilities for 45 minutes.  I crossed the "Swinging Bridge" at "Father Bear" Mountain.  It's a huge accomplishment for this scaredy cat!!  Here is a pic just to prove it!!

I was very disappointed that I didn't receive a shirt that read "I survived the Swinging Bridge at Grandfather Mountain." :(

2.  Daniel Boone {carved tree + Daniel Boone Inn}

We all know Daniel Boone roamed the mountains of North Carolina, so he deserves a spot on my list.  For two reasons, one being in the museum at Grandfather Mountain there is a really cool replica of a tree trunk that was found by a man riding horseback through GF Mountain.  In the trunk was carved "D Boon Killed A Bar O This Tre 1775".  Hence, one of the reason why the black bear is Grandfather Mountains attractions.
English: Signature of Daniel Boone.
English: Signature of Daniel Boone. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
My second reason for including Daniel Boone is because of the inspiration of the Daniel Boone Inn.  If you have the pleasure of going to Boone, NC, you ABSOLUTELY have to eat at the Daniel Boone Inn.  Family style dining and worth the wait.  Bring your own ziploc bag, so you can take home their country ham biscuits.  It's a sin for them to go to waste and No! they don't have "to go" plates.   Get there early and don't forget cash or a checkbook.  No credit cards accepted.  

3.  Take Heart + Bless Your Heart {shopping}

For the past 5 years or so we have been taking our kids to Tweetsie RR in Boone, NC.  We always pass this flower shop with a yard full of breathtaking flowers right next to an eye catching little shop with the most appealing door and window awnings called Bless Your Heart.  Finally after years of wanting to stop I did.  It has become my "go to" shop every time, we go to the mountains.  It's one of those shops you fall in love with because it matches you personality to a tee.

Found the most beautiful addition to my dining rooms walls this past visit.
On a side note, I have ALSO been obsessed with this little shop on Main Street in Blowing Rock called Take Heart.  It's the sweetest little house turned into a whimsical shop that I just adore going in.  I am very serious when I say you will feel blessed and happy when you leave.  It is elegant and lovely inside and always has the friendliest staff.  If you need inspiration it won't take long to find loads, in this quant, little store.  There are affirmation and quotes "stuck" and "nailed" everywhere.  About 2 years ago they were giving out free sample of cupcakes.  {I am a major cupcake critic.}  However, I gave it a shot and it was the BEST cupcake I have ever eaten in my entire life.  No joke.
Well, me and my nosy self found out both Bless Your Heart and Take Heart are owned by the same woman.  She was not at either shop when I visited however, she deserves kudos for impeccable style.  If you are at the mountain, please stop in a visit you will not be disappointed.

Find them on Facebook....  Take Heart  +  Bless Your Heart

4.  Moses Cone Manor {sightseeing + hiking}

If you are in search of "wide open spaces" then Moses Cone is a good choice.  Located in Blowing Rock off the Blue Ridge Parkway, they have 3,500 acres of trails to walk and hike.  You can also ride horseback as well as fish in one of the two, bass and trout lakes.  The lakes are surrounded with winding trails all around it, you can easily spend a day taking in the scenery.  Or like us an hour or two, with little ones.  The Manor and Horse Stable are a lost art in themselves, they just don't build 'em like these anymore.
I hope you enjoyed a few of our memories and are as blessed as us to make your own.

What are some of your favorite spots in North Carolina Mountains?
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