Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Sessions {necessities}

This weeks topic is beach necessities.  The usual are the chair and the towel.  Chair for the front and towel for the flip side, so we can tan both sides evenly of course.  However, the necessities don't just stop at the chair and towel.  
Now-a-days, it includes a slight bit more.....
Since, I'm the mother of two, my "necessities" has increased from few to many, therefore #1 on my list is {Rio Wonder Wheelerbeach caddy.  I don't know about you but when I go to the beach it looks like I took everything but my kitchen sink.  I have to unload it myself {since Daddy is working}.  I give the kids their towel, boogie board and whatever sand bucket they choose.  Then on the miserable trip down the dune, there is usually, complaining by one {if not both} of the kids.  "Its too heavy" or "I'm tired" which results in me carrying it all.  By the time I reach that "perfect spot" on the beach I need an adult beverage and a nap.  With that being said, I love my caddy.
There are a couple different options for a beach caddy depending on your needs.
Here are 4 more options if the Beach Caddy doesn't work for you.
{from left to right}
1.  Pagoda Blue Beach Cart - With a powder-coated steal tube frame and a water-resistant polyester tote, this Cart has wide wheels and a handle that were made for navigating through sand and other tough terrain. It folds up for easy storage, too!

2.  Copa Cargo Table Beach Cart - A mesh storage pocket is perfect for towels, water bottles, and other items, and the detachable wheels roll on just about any surface.When you're done unloading and need a resting place for books, drinks, food, phones, or whatever, don't worry, this cart's got your back. Simply flip it over and you've got yourself a sturdy, dependable table. 
snacks, music

3.  Rio Go-Cart Wonder Wheeler - Crafted with a powder-coated steel frame and topped in rugged polyester fabric this trusty cart holds up to three beach chairs. With durable 7-inch wheels that roll easily over pesky beach sand this uniquely practical piece is an ideal beach companion. Each cart is equipped with a mesh storage pocket on the back. 

4.  Rio Beach Cart - Crafted out of plastic with durable 7-inch wheels can still get the job done and roll over they hard to manage beach sand.  Collapsible and made in the U.S.A.  Currently on sale.  Click the link above.

Let's not forget the FOOD {and drink}......

When headed to the beach with kids it can be tricky bringing the right foods.  They must be durable in the heat while still tasty to the little ones.  I also consider if the food has a high water content like fruits since mine don't like to stop their fun and drink.

To drink

Store Bought Ideas
1.  water
2.  gatorade
3.  lemonade
4.  apple juice

Homemade Goodness
1.  Cucumber & Lemonade Water ~ Mix 2L water, 1 sliced cucumber, 2 lemons and 12 mint leaves.   Steep overnight and enjoy!
2.  Orangeade ~ Ratio is 8 cups green tea, 1 sliced orange {squeezed) and a handful of mint leaves
3.  Cantaloupe Water ~ If you have a juicer.  Peel the cantaloupe and juice it.  {No Juicer, no worries.  Just blend it till it's liquified.}  Add 6 cups of water, stevia to taste {or sugar} and ice.  You can also freeze this and eat like a slushy.

To eat

1.  Peanut Butter and anything!!  PB and J, PB and crackers, PB and apples, PB and celery, PB and marshmallows, add any combo you like.  My favorite is bananas, PB and granola.
2.  Nuts and dried fruit, if your kids will eat it.  Mine will if M&M's are mixed in :) 
3.  Frozen Fruit ~  If I am running low on time I will throw grapes, blueberries or strawberries in the freezer while we are getting ready {like 20 to 30 minutes}.  Then I throw them in the cooler and they are a frozen treat for later.  My kids favorite is the grapes.  
4.  A bucket of Fried Chicken ~ Trying to beat the crowd to the beach?  Pickup some good ol' fried chicken and throw it in the bag and go!
5.  Homemade Sandwiches and Wraps - Although my kids won't eat them.  They eat them throughout the school year at lunch so they boycott them during the summer.  However, I still make them for myself.  

For more great ideas, check out.... Super Healthy Kids
Don't forget to check back next Friday for "must-have" summer accessories.

What are your beach necessities?

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  1. Thanks for this post! I have been wanting to get a beach caddy!!