Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Revenge {i heart wednesdays}

I do love Wednesdays.  

My Wednesdays are equivalent to everyone else's Sunday.  Every hump day {no pun intended!!} my husband is off work and it's our family day.  'Tis the reasoning {i heart wednesdays}.  

This week I wanted to share my latest obsession, REVENGE!!

What started as a Tuesday night movie marathon with my mom ended in complete isolations for 2 days till I watched all 22 episodes from Season Ones. I am not one to sit and watch TV.  However, a pulled muscle in my back last week was my excuse to be a couch potato for 2 days therefore, was my new BFF.

Who doesn't love Madeleine Stowe?  At the age of 53, she was named one of People Magazines, Most Beautiful People.  She is stunning and elegant which is perfectly portrayed in her part as "Queen Victoria" who will reign over all of Grayson Manor where she has well guarded and buried her deepest, darkest secret.  Let's just say, ALL of Hampton is rocked when Mrs. Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) moves in next door and steals Mrs. Grayson son's heart.  Coincidence?....  No.  All just part of Emily's plan to reveal Victoria's closet of skeletons.

As many, ABC followers were crushed when Lost finally went off-air.  Revenge was a "shoe in" for demographics, age 18-49 replacing the Wednesday night 9 pm air time of Lost.  You still have time to catch up before Season Two starts back mid-September on Sunday nights at 9 pm.  Move over Desperate Housewives, you've just been kicked to the curb.


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