Friday, July 27, 2012

Chincoteague + Assateague Island {hidden treasure}

There are loads of treasures in Chincoteague but I'm only sharing my "Top 6".  

For the past 3 years, I have been driving by this home every trip.  It's my favorite house on the island because of its coastal-cottage charm.  This visit I noticed a refurbished VW van in the driveway.  Sweet!!
Another local "hot spot"that I love is Woody's Eatery & Woody's Beach BBQ.  

It is the coolest restaurant on the island!  They have the largest tic-tac-toe boards in the world {I embellished a little, maybe the whole island}.  From hanging hammocks to adirondack chairs anyone will feel right at home.  The food is delish and let's not forget their lemonade.  Hits the spot for those 95+ degree weather.  It will fit perfectly in your hand as you are swinging in a hammock enjoying their nostalgic surroundings.  They have the most amazing Bar-B-Que and my favorite, Shrimp Tacos.  Mmmm........   Ahhh...........
Take notice!  There is that VW van AGAIN!!  

I got nosy and asked around, what a small island, come to find out.........  
The people who own my favorite house {pictured above} also own Woody's Eatery.

 So if your in Chincoteague make sure you drop in Woody's Eatery and pull up an adirondack chair, your gonna wanna stay a while.  Don't forget your camera!!

It's definitely the cutest library on the block.  This quant little building makes me want to move here just so I can spend my afternoons with my head in a borrowed book.  This library is ran by volunteers!!  Thats right you heard me, it is not supported by tax dollars but by local residents volunteering their time to support such a great community cause.
Timothy Hill House
5122 Main Street

Circa 1800 with log plank construction and a wooden fireplace {yes, a WOODEN fireplace}.  It is the first house in Chincoteague to be registered with the National Register of Historical Places and Virginia Historic Landmark.  Small and quant, hard to believe that people lived in such small quarters.  It's about the size of my closest.  {For more info.}
I can't find one drop of information about this little shack we stumbled upon.  So I'm naming it the Knick Knack Shack.  It was the neatest place with the most treasures anyone could wish for.  The old saying "one man's junk is another man's treasure" should have a picture of this place next to it.  

The kids went nuts touching anything and everything from shells to whistles {yuck!!}.  The most amazing thing to me was the floor.  Made of cobblestone but it looked as if no two bricks were alike.  I asked the woman working about them and her response was a lot of them had come from customers dropping them off over the years.  There were hundreds with family names on them some that said "Merry Christmas" and "Seasons Greetings" to symbols with no meaning known to me.  It was a site to see.  On the outside wall read the quote......

"There is nothing in any world, galaxy or other dimension more important, unconditional love"

I searched everywhere on the internet looking for answers to this quote and came up empty handed.  I will be back and snooping around into this mystery next year.
Last but not least... The Island Roxy

I have mixed reviews on the origin of this theatre whether it dates to 1961 or 1945.  Regardless, it's claim to fame came when Misty, a book written by Marguerite Henry was made a move in 1961 by 20th Century Fox.  The book and movie were filmed in Chincoteague and based on Chincoteague pony, Misty who {as rumor has it} during opening night ran down the center aisle of the theatre.  Misty was also commemorated by stamping her hooves in the cement outside the ticket booth which are still visible today.
I hope one day you can visit Chincoteague and Assateague Island to find "hidden treasures" of your own.  Until them enjoy mine!!  Happy Friday!!!

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