Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Sessions {bathing suits}

Summer is all about the bathing suit.  So when you find a good one don't let it pass you by.  I promise it won't be there next summer.  I have my favorite brand however, I love to mismatch all my suits.  I will change up a top and a bottom in an instant and voila, I have a new suit!  Here are a few helpful hints to finding a slender suit for you!

1.  Big Booty - Rings are stylish but for the girl with "more junk in her trunk" they also help her bathing suit stay in place.  For no wedgies, go for a boy short.  The extra material will help hide your behind.

2.  Bit of a Belly - Ruched fabric is a fabulous way to help hide that little bit of belly.  Look for high waistlines, control panel bathings suits and tankinis.  

3.  Big Bust - An underwire is your new BFF.  Also look for bathing suits with wide straps for extra support.  Avoid triangle tops.

4.  Straight & Skinny - For those who don't have curves bold patterns are your friend.  Also look for a bathing suit with dimensions such as ruffles, rings and ties.  

5.  Small Bust - Create an optical illusion and go for detail on top.  Look for ruffles, horizontal stripes and/or embellishments.  Triangle tops and padding are your friend.

6.  Hourglass - If you have a curvaceous shape all over print is the way to go.  Choose a bathing suit that highlights your curves and lengthens your waist and legs.

My favorite bathing suit brand is Lspace by Monica Wise (left and middle).  I love their colorful fabrics and the freedom to mix-match the tops and the bottoms.  Lspace's bottoms are so comfortable because they are sew inside out so their are no seams.  A lot of their bottoms are reversible.  

The bathing suit to the right is Billabong and I feel in love with the colors not to mention the underwire in the top.  I try to stay with the same colors even if I do buy other brands so I can mix them as well.

Every Friday in July, fishsmith3 will be featuring Summer Sessions.  I will share with you my favorite summer gear from sunscreen to "must-have" accessories.  Don't forget to log-in every Friday to learn what's hot and what's not!

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