Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sea Inspirations {sequins}

I appreciate the ocean and all the wonderful things within it.  I especially appreciate, its color palette.  
{Aquas, corals and naturals.}  

Inspiration comes in many forms.  Here are a few of mine {inspired by the sea}.  


Sequins by alena-smith featuring embellished tops

I have never been much of a girlie girl however, I have always had an eye for sequins.  I love their iridescences.  I like watching people wear them, when they move it reminds me of fish scales.  When the light catches them, they shimmer as if each individual sequin is dancing. 

Here are a few other sea infused "must haves".....

Love these Keira Beaded Glass Pendant lights from Pottery Barn.  Reminds me of a Sea Urchin.  Would be beautiful in a bathroom or over a seating area.  {Great price too!}

I love little jewelry boxes.  I have them all over my bedroom made with various shells.  I may have to splurge and buy these because they match too perfectly to pass up.  They remind me of small treasure chests. 

Serena & Lily
Where does your inspiration come from?

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