Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My First Pinterest Project {pallet couch}

For the past 6 months, we have been working on our back porch.  It has been more of a job than we originally signed up for but the end results is worth it {more pictures to come}.  Generally, speaking I dislike outdoor furniture because of the texture and firmness of the materials.  However, I did want an area where we could sit and feel cozy as well as durability.  I didn't want something conventional, so the treasure hunt began.  On Pinterest, I found the picture below and immediately, I feel in love.  I hunted down the source to a blog called Prudent Baby.  Then I was on a mission to find some pallets to start my own.

My Inspiration

Step One {materials}

~2 Pallets {price will vary}
~4 Casters {$60}
~Pipe {price will vary depending on metal type}  
~Twin Mattress {price will vary}
~Twin Mattress Waterproof Cover {$10 - $30}
~Twin Mattress Fitted Sheet {$10 - $30}
~Outdoor Pillows {price will vary}

Pallets were the hardest thing for me to find.  I didn't want ones that had been used a great deal however, I still wanted worn wood.  I got lucky and they were free, thanks to my soon-to-be BIL.  {xoxo to Hunter!!!}  So get to searching some pallets, this will probably be your hardest "find" for this project.  Remember, you are going to visibly see the pallets so make sure they are something you can live with.

The rolling wheels on the bottom of the couch are called casters, for this particular project they came from Lowe's.  The pipe we used are galvanized.  You can use whatever material you please however for cost effectiveness, this was my cheapest option for the look I was going for.  

Last but not least, the twin mattress.  I just happen to have an unused twin in my house that I took off a top bunk.  I suggest if you are doing this from scratch, buy a super duper thick mattress.  The fuller the mattress the more comfortable and the better it will look.  I put a waterproof cover over my mattress since it is going outside and it will be in contact with some water.

Step Two {assembly}

1.  As you can see by the "inspiration picture" and the finish product picture below.  Ours is built slightly different.  We placed both pallets side by side and re-enforced them with three 2x4s.  {top left}

2.  After both pallets are connected, then we added the 4 rolling casters.  One set is stationary the other side is a rotating caster for easier movement. {bottom left} 

3.  The last step is the tricky one.  When you buy the conduit pipe, you will have to play around with the measurements for them to work.  We did a high back on our pallet couch since we couldn't find an 3-way elbow connector.  Play around with it and do what works best just remember your mattress dimensions, you don't want to make it smaller, bigger is always better. {right}

Once you have all your parts together it should resemble the top picture.

Step Three {decorate}

Add your mattress and all your pillows.  Then viola, your done!!  Congratulations!!

Here is the finished project!  A big Thank You goes to Wes Dixon for all the labor involved.  Many things I am, but a carpenter isn't one of them.

Decorate it and make it yours.  For my uniqueness, I added an Aztec wool rug that I found on clearance at Pottery Barn.  Also mismatching outdoor pillows which are also available at Pottery Barn.  My Ralph Lauren fitted sheet is a Marshall's dig and find.  I am extremely happy with the results.

What was your favorite Pinterest project?

Starting this Friday thru July, I will feature a special post called Summer Sessions.  I'll share my "must have" summer clothes, accessories and everything in between.  Don't miss out!  Log back in to fishsmith3 every Friday to get your summer fix!


  1. Pretty cool, Alena! My dad has an abundance of different pallets that I would be willing to pawn of on any would-be DIY-ers!!

  2. Alena, this is fabulous!!! You are so creative and fun!! Can't wait to see it in person!

  3. So very AWESOME!!!! Way to go!

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