Monday, June 25, 2012

culture inspired {aztec + beyond}

I am in love with all the Aztec inspired prints that are the latest fab.  Yes, they are last season, however they aren't dead yet.  Not according to me at least and I think this Fall we are going to see lots more of them.

My grandparents traveled back and forth to Mexico when I was a child and would bring back blankets such as these.  
Now I'm wishing I would have appreciated them more.


I love rooms decorated with a bold Aztec print used in a rug and throw pillows.  
I actually used this design on my porch.  
{a bold rug and mismatching pillows.....can't go wrong}

Who doesn't love edgy yet feminine? and this color scheme?!?  

Chevron Paintings by Jennifer Moreman
"Her work is described as capitative, expressive and whimsical." 

Favorite Aztec finds.....

                                                                                                                                              Jacinto Bolster          

                                        Long Pattern Hooded Cardi / FP ONE Fez Dress

Theodore & Callum                      

Where your Aztec inspiration from?

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