Tuesday, June 12, 2012

birthday {kids + chaos}

Who? {Zoe + Jax} 
Born, almost exactly two years apart, we combine their parties (until the day it become a dispute).  Invitations went out to our family and friends.  This year we did a simple folding greeting card with our latest family pictures.  Here is a sample of the inside and back of their invites.  Great quality for a good price!  

What? {The Game Truck}
I have done parties in the past where I have done all the cooking and the entertaining myself and by the end, I'm tired and irritable from exhaustion.  Therefore, I "outsource" everything.  From the entertainment {The Game Truck} to party eats {cotton candy, snow cones and popcorn}, so I can enjoy myself too!  We all know, "if Mom isn't happy, nobody's happy".

The Game Truck combined with jump ropes, sidewalk chalk and {adults vs. kids} kickball game on the diamond.  A kids dream and parents relief, click the video to learn more.  

This is one of those..."Why didn't I think of that?"

Where & When? {Mimmie + Paw Paw's Yard}
Their birthdays are only 4 days apart, we compromise and try planning their parties in the middle of both dates.  Therefore, this past weekend was the big, birthday bash!  Mimmie and Paw Paw's yard offers plenty of "wide open spaces" and {let's not forget to mention} a junior size baseball field.  It was the perfect party location for tents, chairs and 25+ HYPER kids.

Why? {Presents!!!}
'Tis the reason to celebrate!!  Zoe and Jax received many wonderful presents it was hard to pick a favorite, so we picked a few.....

After all the "hustle and bustle" of planning and the chaos of the actual party.  Everything turned out remarkable.  Everyone from the 3 years old to the 80+ year old had an enjoyable time.  I must admit, although sore from the kickball game, it was worth be able to "nail" a kid with a ball. :)

Until next year, Happy Birthday Zoe and Jax!  

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