Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Sessions {bathing suits}

Summer is all about the bathing suit.  So when you find a good one don't let it pass you by.  I promise it won't be there next summer.  I have my favorite brand however, I love to mismatch all my suits.  I will change up a top and a bottom in an instant and voila, I have a new suit!  Here are a few helpful hints to finding a slender suit for you!

1.  Big Booty - Rings are stylish but for the girl with "more junk in her trunk" they also help her bathing suit stay in place.  For no wedgies, go for a boy short.  The extra material will help hide your behind.

2.  Bit of a Belly - Ruched fabric is a fabulous way to help hide that little bit of belly.  Look for high waistlines, control panel bathings suits and tankinis.  

3.  Big Bust - An underwire is your new BFF.  Also look for bathing suits with wide straps for extra support.  Avoid triangle tops.

4.  Straight & Skinny - For those who don't have curves bold patterns are your friend.  Also look for a bathing suit with dimensions such as ruffles, rings and ties.  

5.  Small Bust - Create an optical illusion and go for detail on top.  Look for ruffles, horizontal stripes and/or embellishments.  Triangle tops and padding are your friend.

6.  Hourglass - If you have a curvaceous shape all over print is the way to go.  Choose a bathing suit that highlights your curves and lengthens your waist and legs.

My favorite bathing suit brand is Lspace by Monica Wise (left and middle).  I love their colorful fabrics and the freedom to mix-match the tops and the bottoms.  Lspace's bottoms are so comfortable because they are sew inside out so their are no seams.  A lot of their bottoms are reversible.  

The bathing suit to the right is Billabong and I feel in love with the colors not to mention the underwire in the top.  I try to stay with the same colors even if I do buy other brands so I can mix them as well.

Every Friday in July, fishsmith3 will be featuring Summer Sessions.  I will share with you my favorite summer gear from sunscreen to "must-have" accessories.  Don't forget to log-in every Friday to learn what's hot and what's not!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My First Pinterest Project {pallet couch}

For the past 6 months, we have been working on our back porch.  It has been more of a job than we originally signed up for but the end results is worth it {more pictures to come}.  Generally, speaking I dislike outdoor furniture because of the texture and firmness of the materials.  However, I did want an area where we could sit and feel cozy as well as durability.  I didn't want something conventional, so the treasure hunt began.  On Pinterest, I found the picture below and immediately, I feel in love.  I hunted down the source to a blog called Prudent Baby.  Then I was on a mission to find some pallets to start my own.

My Inspiration

Step One {materials}

~2 Pallets {price will vary}
~4 Casters {$60}
~Pipe {price will vary depending on metal type}  
~Twin Mattress {price will vary}
~Twin Mattress Waterproof Cover {$10 - $30}
~Twin Mattress Fitted Sheet {$10 - $30}
~Outdoor Pillows {price will vary}

Pallets were the hardest thing for me to find.  I didn't want ones that had been used a great deal however, I still wanted worn wood.  I got lucky and they were free, thanks to my soon-to-be BIL.  {xoxo to Hunter!!!}  So get to searching some pallets, this will probably be your hardest "find" for this project.  Remember, you are going to visibly see the pallets so make sure they are something you can live with.

The rolling wheels on the bottom of the couch are called casters, for this particular project they came from Lowe's.  The pipe we used are galvanized.  You can use whatever material you please however for cost effectiveness, this was my cheapest option for the look I was going for.  

Last but not least, the twin mattress.  I just happen to have an unused twin in my house that I took off a top bunk.  I suggest if you are doing this from scratch, buy a super duper thick mattress.  The fuller the mattress the more comfortable and the better it will look.  I put a waterproof cover over my mattress since it is going outside and it will be in contact with some water.

Step Two {assembly}

1.  As you can see by the "inspiration picture" and the finish product picture below.  Ours is built slightly different.  We placed both pallets side by side and re-enforced them with three 2x4s.  {top left}

2.  After both pallets are connected, then we added the 4 rolling casters.  One set is stationary the other side is a rotating caster for easier movement. {bottom left} 

3.  The last step is the tricky one.  When you buy the conduit pipe, you will have to play around with the measurements for them to work.  We did a high back on our pallet couch since we couldn't find an 3-way elbow connector.  Play around with it and do what works best just remember your mattress dimensions, you don't want to make it smaller, bigger is always better. {right}

Once you have all your parts together it should resemble the top picture.

Step Three {decorate}

Add your mattress and all your pillows.  Then viola, your done!!  Congratulations!!

Here is the finished project!  A big Thank You goes to Wes Dixon for all the labor involved.  Many things I am, but a carpenter isn't one of them.

Decorate it and make it yours.  For my uniqueness, I added an Aztec wool rug that I found on clearance at Pottery Barn.  Also mismatching outdoor pillows which are also available at Pottery Barn.  My Ralph Lauren fitted sheet is a Marshall's dig and find.  I am extremely happy with the results.

What was your favorite Pinterest project?

Starting this Friday thru July, I will feature a special post called Summer Sessions.  I'll share my "must have" summer clothes, accessories and everything in between.  Don't miss out!  Log back in to fishsmith3 every Friday to get your summer fix!

Monday, June 25, 2012

culture inspired {aztec + beyond}

I am in love with all the Aztec inspired prints that are the latest fab.  Yes, they are last season, however they aren't dead yet.  Not according to me at least and I think this Fall we are going to see lots more of them.

My grandparents traveled back and forth to Mexico when I was a child and would bring back blankets such as these.  
Now I'm wishing I would have appreciated them more.


I love rooms decorated with a bold Aztec print used in a rug and throw pillows.  
I actually used this design on my porch.  
{a bold rug and mismatching pillows.....can't go wrong}

Who doesn't love edgy yet feminine? and this color scheme?!?  

Chevron Paintings by Jennifer Moreman
"Her work is described as capitative, expressive and whimsical." 

Favorite Aztec finds.....

                                                                                                                                              Jacinto Bolster          

                                        Long Pattern Hooded Cardi / FP ONE Fez Dress

Theodore & Callum                      

Where your Aztec inspiration from?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

iphone {apps + etc}

My iPhone is my life line.  What would I do without it?  Just as I take care of myself, I do the same for my precious gadget.  I accessorize him, update him and organize him daily.  Why would I treat him any differently?

{worth wild} Apps

This is a FREE app for your iPhone.  It's perfect for making all those coveted collages that everyone has on their Facebook page.  Don't miss out!

To download the app is free.  However, for a buck, you can send the coolest postcards with pop-out pictures right from your iPhone.  Snap a picture, add a little note and Postagram will send it for you.  Also check out their other app, Sincerely which does Thank You cards, Birthday cards, etc.

Yo Mama
Okay, childish....YES.  Funny....heck, yeah!!  {don't be a prude!!}  I can't help it, this app just makes me LOL.  Worth the 99 cents.  Download it and facebook me your favorite Yo Mama joke.

{must have} Accessories

These are super cool for accessorizing your iPhone for a night out!  It's like a gel bumper for the sides of your iPhone to glam it up.  Click here for "MORE"!

{cool} Shortcuts

Shutter Button - While using your camera turn it sideways and use the "+" button as your shutter bottom.

Make a Photo AlbumGo to the Photos app, click Edit in the top right corner and then click the Add button that shows up in the upper left side of the screen. Now just title the album whatever you want and you’re golden.

Need a Quick Picture - While your phone is locked.  Double push your home button.  The slide up the camera button and your are instantly in your camera.  Don't forget to turn it sideways.

Screen Shot - Hold down the home button and the on/off button {at the top right of the phone}.  Hold down both buttons at the same time.  You will hear a camera shot noise and your screen shot is saved to your photo album.

Monday, June 18, 2012

One for me, One for you {etsy finds}

Free time is hard to come by, when it finds me, surfing Etsy is what I do.  Its like an online antique store.  You have to search and search but eventually you will find something you treasure.  For gifts from baby to graduation it's the perfect gift "search engine".  Here are a few of my favorite finds....

For the Boat Lover
For the Kids
Mason Jar Tumblers

For the Baby

For the Photographer

For the Graduate
Graduation Necklace

Check back for more great gift ideas!  Don't forget to follow my blog for your chance to win a Rockabella Jewels bracelet.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Facial Orchestra {guest post}

Check out my guest post at Oh Beaute!
Flawless skin doesn't come easy. From pregnancy mask to wrinkles. Here are my "aging with grace" daily secrets.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

rain, rain {go away}

With all the rain, it was hard to resist a post on rain boots and jackets.  My mood and energy usually shift with the weather.  I love the sunshine however, I secretly long for rain so I can stay in my PJ's and hide behind my laptop.  It's nice to have a break from makeup and sunglasses.

If I must go out and about on a rainy day, I love to dress the part.  Here's what you will find me in on rainy days.  A denim shorts or skinny jeans with a hat and all my rain gear.  
Let's not forget a water repellent bag and what could be better than one of Oria Kiely's signature oil cloth bags?

Rain Boots / Denim Shorts / Umbrellas / Rain Jackets / Bag

                                            via Etsy 

What's your favorite rainy day activity?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

birthday {kids + chaos}

Who? {Zoe + Jax} 
Born, almost exactly two years apart, we combine their parties (until the day it become a dispute).  Invitations went out to our family and friends.  This year we did a simple folding greeting card with our latest family pictures.  Here is a sample of the inside and back of their invites.  Great quality for a good price!  

What? {The Game Truck}
I have done parties in the past where I have done all the cooking and the entertaining myself and by the end, I'm tired and irritable from exhaustion.  Therefore, I "outsource" everything.  From the entertainment {The Game Truck} to party eats {cotton candy, snow cones and popcorn}, so I can enjoy myself too!  We all know, "if Mom isn't happy, nobody's happy".

The Game Truck combined with jump ropes, sidewalk chalk and {adults vs. kids} kickball game on the diamond.  A kids dream and parents relief, click the video to learn more.  

This is one of those..."Why didn't I think of that?"

Where & When? {Mimmie + Paw Paw's Yard}
Their birthdays are only 4 days apart, we compromise and try planning their parties in the middle of both dates.  Therefore, this past weekend was the big, birthday bash!  Mimmie and Paw Paw's yard offers plenty of "wide open spaces" and {let's not forget to mention} a junior size baseball field.  It was the perfect party location for tents, chairs and 25+ HYPER kids.

Why? {Presents!!!}
'Tis the reason to celebrate!!  Zoe and Jax received many wonderful presents it was hard to pick a favorite, so we picked a few.....

After all the "hustle and bustle" of planning and the chaos of the actual party.  Everything turned out remarkable.  Everyone from the 3 years old to the 80+ year old had an enjoyable time.  I must admit, although sore from the kickball game, it was worth be able to "nail" a kid with a ball. :)

Until next year, Happy Birthday Zoe and Jax!  

Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Fruit Stand {ripe or rotten}

On a usual night, I lay awake in my bed with my mind going 100 miles a minute.  Here goes a typical night..."return library book, make follow up appointment, hmmm.....If I moved the couch to the far wall I could add 2 more chairs, email parent reminder for Spring Fling, put Jax's tennis racket in car, bring gym clothes, hang picture, sweep porch, dry cleaners, what's for dinner, grocery store, Oh, the list goes on and on.  Thank the Lord, for eye cream!! 

Well last night I was thinking of one word, "follow through".  Okay, maybe two words.  I have been told that I do not follow through well..... At first, I was insulted but then I started analyzing. {Me!!!  Analyze!!!  No!!!!}

I should have replied :)

And finally facing the truth that I suck at "follow through" when it comes to life. I will start something whether it be a change in diet, excercise, daily thankfulness, or some other self-help remedy and I always quit somewhere along the way. It is never a life changing alteration.  Why??  {Are you thinking, "Me too!!"}

Many have heard this but I just think its hilarious and so me!!!!

So then it went from, "I have an objective, to I need plan."  I am on a mission to change my daily thinking to positve, optimistic thoughts so that I may manifest positive relationships and rewarding events into my life. I am sharing because I believe we should receive encouragement and positive reaffirmation daily from family and friends to stay on track.  Otherwise, I will be laying in bed for the rest of my life thinking about my "To Do List" and follow through. 

Then my mind was lead to the scripture I wrote in my kitchen {years ago} but was reminded of it by Jax who made me a beautiful craft with it in Sunday School.......

But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, 
patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 
gentleness and sefl-control. 
Galatians 5:22

I pondered on this verse for a couple days.  All these are suppose to be in my heart, all the time.  Impossible, I say!!! 

Life gets busy and I have found myself in a place needing inspiration hence, my reasoning for no "follow through".  Whether, theses changes are coming from hormones, sleeplessness and/or all of the-in-between called "life"....I don't know but this is my trip back home, to a place where my "follow through" has a happy ending.  

As I read all these words that are "suppose" to be in my heart.  I can't help but think that I am none of them.  I know that I have many great qualities like the "fruits of the spirit" however, I have some fruits that aren't quit ripe yet and some that need to be thrown away.  All I can say is, I am thankful for seasons, so pruning can take place.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Trina Turk {banana republic}

Trina Turk arrives TODAY at Banana Republic!!  

Explosive color meets straight laced in Trina Trunks Summer Collection available at all Banana Republics.  Styles won't last long so better make it there quick!!

Here is a few of my favorites....