Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Family Photos {satisfactory nightmare}

For those of you who followed me on tumblr 2 months ago this is a repeat. However, I wanted it on the blog for keepsake. For those of you that missed it, enjoy!

When you have small children getting ready for pictures is an act of congress.  And getting to your picture location on time to meet a photographer is damn near impossible.

For the whole week prior to our pictures, Jax has reminded me of his loose tooth.  I keep asking in my most, sweet mother voice, “Please, don’t pull it out, we have family pictures on Saturday.”  Jax replies, “OK, Mom.”  Satisfied with my response, I still remind him all week and kindly tell his dentist “DO NOT pull it out!” when I take him for his cleaning.  
All week, the tooth fairy is delay.
Saturday arrive, tooth still intact, Jax and Joseph are preoccupied with the Carolina/State game and Zoe is at a birthday party.  So I think to myself….  I can ACTUALLY get my house cleaned, lay out our clothes, exercise and still have enough time to shower all before getting ready for pictures.  
One hour and 45 minutes before pictures……
I come in the door from an afternoon run, so relaxed and pleased with my day.  Jax is holding a bag with his front tooth in it!!!!  AHHH!!!  
Jax in his most excited voice - “Mom, look it just FELL out!” (like it just decided to hop out his mouth)
Me - “Geez, it could have waited 2 more hours?”  I realize as soon as I open my mouth this was not the expected response.  Then comes, “Yeah, the tooth fairy will come tonight!”  Trying to act excited about the new gap between his teeth. :)  
It just keep getting better……  As half time approaches in the game (and its a really close game), Joseph’s mood is diminishing.  I realize Zoe isn’t home.  So just to confirm that she will be home in time to get ready, I text my girlfriend.  Party ran over won’t be home till when we are due at pictures.  Okay, me trying not to panic however, I am panicking.  I don’t have time to get ready and go get Zoe.  So I am yelling at Joseph what should I do.  Finally he realizes, I’m not going to shut up so he offers to go get her. 
After the agonizing torture of getting all of us ready for almost two hours.  Yelling at everyone to get up and get ready.  Get your clothes on!  Don’t drink that!  Don’t eat that!  You better not get that on your clothes!!  Two hours and 15 minutes later both kids in their clothes and not fighting are in the car, Joseph in the best mood possible considering State lost to Carolina (sad face) and me trying to make everyone happy, so I can be happy (and not having much luck).  We actually made it CLOSE to on time.
Once we get to our farm for pictures.  It is, what, it is, at this point. 
Jax - “My shoes hurt.” Me - “Well, wobble around for 30 minutes until I get my pictures.”
Joseph - “Should I wear my tie.”  Me - “Well, that is why we brought it.”
Zoe - “Can I put my cowboy boots on now?” Me - “No.”
Zoe - “Where are my sunglasses?”  Me - “In the car.  We don’t need them yet?”
Zoe -“Well, can I put them on?”  Me - (trying really hard not to lose it.  ”NO!!”
After well over an hour of what started off as fake smiles ended up as real ones.  And I am very satisfied with what started off as a nightmare.
Good Luck to all you family photographers out there!  

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