Thursday, May 17, 2012

Charleston, SC {dining}

To celebrate my birthday, my husband took me to Charleston for some dining and shopping.  We had a delightful time and enjoyed taking in all the beautiful, sights Charleston had to offer.  Here are few of my favorites.

Streets of Charleston {Queen Street}

St. Philip’s Church {founded in 1680}

I must say Charleston may be know for It’s shopping but what I will remmeber is the dining.  Our first night in Charleston, we had reservation at a restaurant that is getting a lot of nation exposure, Husk Restaurant.  If you are visiting the area this is a must!!  Make sure you get reservation, well in advance.  They have the cuttest little bar right next door, so make sure you get there early to enjoy.  I never knew so many bourbon’s existed.  The atmosphere, staff and food was great.  Kudos for overall experience. 

Side Story….  
So Joseph and I arrive at Husk, we are seated at a table in a far corner {a blessing}.  Joseph declined however, since it’s my birthday I had a glass of red wine wth my dinner. As dinner continues, I am telling a story.  Joseph sitting next to me attentively listenting to me and looking very crisp in his baby blue gingham collared shirt and shorts.  {As many of you know, When I get into sharing a story, my excitement runs to my hands.}  Well, here comes Mrs. Grace just a chatting and low and behold my hand knocks over a whole glass of wine in Joseph’s lap.  I got so tickled I almost couldn’t stop laughing as we are wiping it up.  Poor Joseph, has red wine splatter in his lap and shirt.  Lucky for me Joseph is a good sport about the mishap and dinner continues.  The wine dries somewhat camoflauged in the gingham and we are able to leave.  However, the whole walk back to the hotel I am reliving the look on his face when my wine hit his lap.  How’s that for wining and dining?

Other great dining accomodations …..
Hall’s Chophouse – 5 Star Steakhouse and best staff I have ever experienced.  They have a 34 ounce rib eye if you dare.  Reservations a must.

Cru CafĂ© – Quant little house off the beaten path but worth the wait.  Call for reservations for lunch.

Amen Street Raw Bar – Great little joint with the coolest chadelier’s ever made out of oyster shells.  If you are in the mood for some shellfish this is your place.  Make sure you get the mussels as an appetizer.  No reservations needed for lunch.

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